The Dino 519 light tactical multi-purpose armoured vehicle (LTMPAV) was launched by Team Concept at Eurosatory 2018. Image courtesy of Team Concept.
Mercedes-Benz and Oberaigner Automotive assisted Team Concept in the development of the vehicle. Image courtesy of Team Concept.
The vehicle measures 6m-long and 2.12m-wide. Image courtesy of Team Concept.
The armoured vehicle is fitted with multiple weapon mounts. Image courtesy of Team Concept.
Dino 519 can carry up to 1,000kg of payload. Image courtesy of Team Concept.

DINO 519 is a new light tactical multi-purpose armoured vehicle (LTMPAV) manufactured by Team Concept, an armoured vehicle manufacturer based in Poland. It is the armoured version in the family of Dino 4×4 vehicles developed by Team Concept.

The production-ready DINO 519 vehicle was officially unveiled at the international defence exhibition Eurosatory 2018 held in Paris, France, in June 2018. A DINO 519 prototype was on display at the MSPO (Międzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Obronnego) 2017 exhibition held at Kielce, Poland, in September 2017.

The DINO 519 LTMPAV offers superior off-road capabilities, which enhance the mobility of the vehicle. It will be a perfect fit in the role of light-duty high-mobility off-road armoured personnel carrier (APC).

The Dino 4×4 family also includes an unarmoured version known as Dino 319 light tactical multi-purpose vehicle (LTMPV), which was also launched at Eurosatory 2018.

DINO 519 LTMPAV design and features

The DINO 519 multi-purpose armoured features a conventional layout based on 4×4 wheel drive configuration. The engine of the vehicle is located at the front, while the crew compartment is located in the middle and cargo loading section is located at the rear.

The monocoque double cab structure is made of ceramic-composite materials and is fitted with two doors on the either side of the hull and hydraulic doors at the rear. The rear compartment can be customised based on the mission requirements.

The DINO 519 vehicle has a length of 6m, width of 2.12m, height of 2.45m and wheel base of 3.25m. It can accommodate two crew members and three infantry troops.

The gross weight of the vehicle is 4.6t and standard payload capacity is 700kg, which can be extended up to 1,000kg by customising the cargo section at the rear end.

The optional equipment that can be fitted to the vehicle includes a rope winch, multiple weapon mounts, cab-filter ventilation device, an aluminium cargo box, and infrared (IR) lights.


The vehicle features multiple weapon mounts, which can be fitted with weapons of different calibre. It offers Level 1 protection according to the Nato Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4569.

“The vehicle protects the occupants from projectiles, grenades and mines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and ballistic objects ranging between 5.56mm and 30mm.”

The vehicle protects the occupants from projectiles, grenades and mines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and ballistic objects ranging between 5.56mm and 30mm.

Engine details of DINO 519 multi-purpose armoured vehicle

The DINO 519 is powered by a six-cylinder OM642 Euro-5 compliant V6 turbo-diesel engine. The power plant has a maximum output of 190hp (140kW) and maximum torque production capacity of 440Nm.

The vehicle features a four-wheel drive transmission system with a central differential, a reduction gear and three locking differentials. The front and rear axles are fitted with disc brakes supported by anti-lock braking system (ABS) technology.

The manually operated gearbox features six forward gears and a reverse gear. The onboard auxiliary electric system has a rated voltage of 12V, while the alternator can produce 3.08kW of power.

DINO 519 LTMPAV’s mobility and performance

An independent wishbone suspension system fitted to the front axle ensures superior ride quality. It also features shock absorbers, stabiliser, and a transverse leaf spring arrangement. A leaf spring arrangement is fitted onto a rigid axle at the rear end.

The ground clearance offered by the vehicle is 240mm and its approach angle is 35º. The angle of departure of DINO 519 is 25º, while the ramp angle is 25º. The vehicle can negotiate a maximum gradient of 80%.

The DINO 519 LTMPAV can run at a maximum speed of 120km/h.