DECON vehicle platform has a maximum height of 12m. Image courtesy of EXCALIBUR ARMY.
The vehicle can decontaminate vehicles, people, armament and gear. Image courtesy of EXCALIBUR ARMY.
The overall tank capacity of the vehicle is 2,400l. Image courtesy of EXCALIBUR ARMY.
The manual operations will be carried out with the application of liquid from high pressure water guns. Image courtesy of EXCALIBUR ARMY.

DECON is a versatile decontamination vehicle manufactured by EXCALIBUR ARMY, a Czech Republic-based developer of a wide range of military vehicles and equipment.

The vehicle is designed for decontamination of vehicles, people, armament and gear, including large equipment, terrain, aircraft as well as buildings.

The highly mobile vehicle with a 4×4 configuration is built upon TATRA FORCE military chassis. It can also be built in a 6×6 configuration, which offers higher tank capacity and performance.

DECON is also available in civilian configuration used for rescue operations including special firefighter units and civilian defence forces.

DECON decontamination vehicle design and features

DECON mobile vehicle has an overall length of 9.1m, width of 2.55m and height of 3.15m. The total weight of the vehicle is 19t and it has the capacity to accommodate three crew members.

The superstructure of the vehicle features hydraulic system, water intake system with tanks, boom lift, decontamination tools and accessories as well as firefighting equipment.

The vehicle has the capability to operate individually and through joint workplaces for team-linked decontamination. The spray bar attached to the platform or the decontamination frame, allows the vehicle to perform manual and automated decontamination.

DECON can be easily transported by aircraft and the vehicle can be equipped with an armoured cabin based upon customer requirement.

The vehicle features high capacity water and chemical substance mixing chambers, a high pressure unit as well as a floating pump for quick tactical operation. It also includes a decontamination unit featuring water pressure guns as well as a steam chamber for equipment decontamination.

DECON vehicle platform and applications

The platform of the DECON vehicle can reach a maximum height of 12m and side reach of 7m. The maximum load capacity of the platform is 200kg.

A nozzle spray bar is installed at the edge of the platform, which allows vehicles to pass below. The height and angle of the bar can be adjusted through platform controls. The front nozzle spray bar fixed on the front vehicle bumper is used for treating road surfaces and to cool down smouldering ground or dowse residual fires.

The vehicle also features a static gateway that can allow side and top vehicle decontamination, while the vehicle passes through the gate.

The manual operations from the vehicle are carried out by applying liquid with high pressure water guns. The bottom surface can be treated by extending the water pressure gun. Hazardous material (HAZMAT) storage containers can be treated from both inside and outside.

Propulsion and performance

The vehicle is powered by TATRA T3C-928.81, V8 engine, which generates a power output of 270kW. The maximum operating range of the vehicle is 1,000km.

The propulsion system allows the vehicle to attain a top speed of 115km/h without limiter and 90km/h with limiter on road. It can move at a top speed of 30km/h off road.

The vehicle can negotiate a gradient and side slopes of 40° and 17° respectively. It has a trench crossing of 0.9m and instant fording depth of 1.2m and fording depth of 1.5m with preparation.

The air suspension system allows the driver of the vehicle to increase the clearance by 70mm and lower the maximum height by 100mm, while moving.

DECON vehicle can operate in temperatures ranging between 0° and 49°. It can also operate in both urban and natural terrain areas.

The overall tank capacity of the vehicle is 2,400l of water stored in three water tanks. The larger one can hold 1,000l, whereas the remaining two smaller ones can hold 700l each.