COBRA MK2 E is a modular lightweight unmanned ground vehicle used to perform EOD and CBRNE operations. Image courtesy of ECA Group.
The UGV has a maximum endurance of 2.5 hours. Image courtesy of P. Valpolini.
The COBRA MK2 E UGV is installed with a tilt-able, recoilless disrupter. Image courtesy of ECA Group.

COBRA MK2 E is a modular lightweight unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) developed by ECA Group for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)/improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) operations.

The field-proven high-mobility UGV is intended to provide increased situational awareness, perform IED neutralisation, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) detection, and covert operations.

The Thai Armed Forces placed an order for COBRA MK2 E UGVs in 2018. ECA Group delivered two COBRA MK2 E vehicles to the Thai Armed Forces in the first half of 2018.

COBRA MK2 E UGV design and features

COBRA MK2 E is designed to perform operations such as threat detection and neutralising IEDs with little response time. The 4×4 vehicle is 37cm-long, 40cm-wide and 18cm-high.

The light-weight mini UGV can be carried in a backpack and can be quickly assembled and deployed within three minutes. It has a total weight of 13kg, which includes the mission payload of up to 5kg.

Built to operate across challenging terrains, the UGV is capable of resisting impact upon falling from a height of 1m. The vehicle complies with the IP65 waterproofing standards.

The UGV has a digital radio range of 250m and ensures uninterrupted communication with the operator with the help of its microphone, which has a pick-up range of 5m. It also integrates a white and near-infrared (IR) LEDs. The UGV is fitted with a GPS device, which helps the operator to precisely locate the vehicle during operations.

Payload systems of COBRA MK2 E UGV

COBRA MK2 E is fitted with tiltable, recoilless disrupter to carry out operations in remote locations and minefields. It is compatible with ABL 2000, ABL 3000, CTS, and RE70M3 disrupters.

The UGV can carry and deploy a modular dropping payload of any explosive, which can be placed on top of its flat platform.

The vehicle is also provided with a plug-and-play surveillance and reconnaissance module along with two powerful and highly sensitive modular camera units with colour and black-and-white switching options.

Command and control

COBRA MK2 E command and control unit is fitted with a seven-inch tough touchscreen display with a resolution of 1074×768. The operator is provided with an option of video recording while performing the mission.

The battery-operated hand-held control unit is fitted with options for USB or ethernet output. It has a three-axis joystick for flexible operations. An optional long antenna is also available for long-range missions.

It also comes with two optional units including a 10.4in, 4.6kg touchscreen controller with a joystick, and a 10.1in, 1kg touchscreen controller with a virtual joystick.

COBRA MK2 E UGV mobility and performance

The rugged UGV is designed to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -10o and 50o. It can attain maximum speeds between 4km/h and 6km/h and can endure up to 2.5 hours.

It is fitted with inclinometers to perform operations on rugged and difficult terrains, while its heavily gripped wheels help the vehicle to easily crosss obstacles of 9cm height.

COBRA MK2 E UGV is also optionally installed with small diameter wheels to enable the UGV to carry out diverse manoeuvres. It is provided with an optional track kit configuration, which can be installed without the need for special installation tools.