A superior, uncooled thermal imaging engine, the Vinden 75LR features a longwave infrared (LWIR), vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer sensor with 640 x 480 pixel resolution and a 12-micron pixel pitch. Combined with its unique zoom lens, the Vinden 75LR delivers the best long-wave IR imaging performance per unit, gram, and volume.

The compact (only 460g), OEM thermal camera engine is available without ITAR restrictions under US EAR regulations with four different lenses and standard or short footprint options. The 5x continuous-zoom optic has an equivalent focal length (EFL) of 15mm – 75mm. The Vinden 75LR sensor is available at a 60Hz frame rate or the optional less than 9.0Hz frame rate; the imaging engine comes with 32GB of memory for onboard video and snapshot recording.

The athermalised lens offers both narrow (6°) and extremely wide (29°) horizontal fields of view and the LWIR camera’s finely tuned, one-touch autofocus operates smoothly and reliably throughout the parfocal zoom range. Interface options include Ethernet and serial connectivity and analogue NTSC/PAL, Camera Link® and H.264 IP video outputs.

With a hard-carbon IP67 environmentally rated, rugged front element, the Vinden 75LR is ideal for integrators who design compact pan-tilt-zoom systems, long-range surveillance systems, ground and aerial gimbals, perimeter security imaging systems, and other thermal and multi-sensor systems for military, defence, and critical infrastructure protection.