The Viento-G is an easy-to-use, affordable thermal camera that is specially designed for a wide range of thermal monitoring applications and comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty. The uncooled vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer sensor delivers 8-bit or 16-bit uncompressed digital video with 640px x 480px or 320px x 240px resolution on a 17-micron pixel pitch and is available in two form factors, split board and enclosed.

Several lens options and easy export models (non-ITAR controlled) make this a great choice for OEMs and integrators who require high-reliability, excellent resolution, and affordability in a thermographically calibrated camera. The user can view video, control the camera and supply power utilising a single, standard Ethernet cable via Gig-E Vision and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) industry standards. Applications include general-purpose thermal imaging for temperature measurement and quality control/assurance, laboratory thermal imaging for scientific research and bio-medical imaging, and machine vision tasks, such as industrial imaging and process monitoring.