Tactical armored vehicles

IAG’s armada of Tactical Armored Vehicles has been proven to save lives and handle any terrain with ease.

We offer a variety of vehicle types in this category ranging from tactical response vehicles, which can also be configured to policing and domestic tactical response needs, convoy escort vehicles, medical evacuation, armored personnel carriers, armored response vehicles, including water cannon trucks, security and patrol vehicles, armored explosive ordinance disposal vehicles and heavy duty long-distance transportation vehicles used in rebuilding and construction sites in high-risk areas.

IAG’s R&D team puts immense effort to ensure our vehicles are built using the latest designs and technologies with innovative materials providing optimal protection while reducing vehicle weight.

The IAG designed suspension systems allow the tactical vehicles to handle even the most difficult terrains with ease. Vehicle armoring is available up to CEN B7/NIJ Level IV rated to withstand multiple impacts from armour piercing 7.62mm x 51mm rifle ammunition, as well as NATO STANAG levels II and III. The armoring system is designed to also protect the entire cabin from blasts and IEDs.