Crane A&E’s sensing components and systems are highly accurate, reliable, and designed to withstand even the harshest aerospace and defence conditions. The solutions consist of proximity sensors and systems for landing gear, doors, flight control surfaces, tire pressure sensors, and monitoring systems, and they are adopted worldwide.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ portfolio also comprises ELDEC inductive proximity sensors for contactless monitoring and pressure sensors for engine control and tire pressure measurement. It also includes fuel gauging parts and systems.

ELDEC | Crane® FLEXtech

  • High-Accuracy, CAN Output Proximity Sensor
  • Inductive proximity sensing for landing gear, doors, flight controls and thrust reverse indication
  • Rugged and reliable sensor components
  • Complete landing gear and door monitoring and control systems
  • Secondary flight control monitoring systems
  • Nose wheel electronic steering control

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

  • SmartStem® passive wireless tire pressure and temperature sensing
  • Accurate and reliable tire pressure sensors for easy retrofit
  • Complete fully integrated tire pressure and brake temperature monitoring systems
  • Retrofit solutions for Commercial Transports and Business Aviation

Fuel Gauging Systems

  • Proven technologies to accurately measure fuel quantity
  • Rugged and reliable fuel probes
  • Complete fuel gauging systems
  • Alternative fuels compatible systems
  • Flexible low-cost designs for various applications
  • Plug&Play probes for easy installation and maintenance

High-Performance Pressure Sensors

  • High-performance silicon on sapphire technology for exceptional accuracy
  • Rugged and reliable sensors with flexible outputs
  • Engine controls and air-data system applications

Electronics Controllers & Systems

  • Secondary flight control monitoring systems
  • Nose wheel electronic steering control
  • Utility system controllers
  • Design Assurance Level (DAL) A
  • DO-178C & DO-254