SatRack’s novel and patented design is available in standard sizes of 3U, 4U and 5U versions with a 480mm or 610mm deep, ultra-lightweight welded aluminium floating frame and is compatible with 19in rack-mountable equipment, also available for 9.5in racks.

This design offers an exceptional strength-tow eight ratio and equipment panel fixing rails located at both ends of the frame to allow flexible mounting of the kit.

The 4U x 480 mm internal chassis depth rack weighs 8 kg. With weight restriction for checked baggage on commercial airlines set at 23kg without premium, up to a maximum of 32kg, this allows an additional 15kg-24kg of equipment to be carried.

To protect equipment against shock and vibration, the chassis is mounted on eight cylindrical elastomeric anti-vibration mounts.

These are set at a 45° angle to offer optimum shock resistance during handling and transit conditions, regardless of orientation.

SatRack’s thermo-formed honeycomb polypropylene (HPP) body shell has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is highly resistant to crushing.

CP Cases’ thermo-forming process does not crimp HPP, but gives the angled edges longitudinal strength and rigidity with a stacking capability of 100kg.

The component parts of the shell are joined with a mortice and tenon joint and secured with bifurcated rivets, which secure themselves in the shell wall, helping to maintain the structural integrity of SatRack.