Smiths Interconnect delivers application-specific, high-reliability electrical interconnect solutions from highly integrated assemblies to microminiature connectors and spring probe contacts. The core of our advanced interconnect solutions is our contact technologies: Hyperboloid, Spring Probe, High Speed, Fibre Optic, High Power and High Temperature.

EMI Filter

Filter connector series includes EMI / EMP / ESD circular, ARINC, D-subminiature and micro-D connector styles.

They can be combined with high-energy TVS diode technology to achieve lightning and EMP transient protection.

It uses multi-layer, ceramic capacitor arrays together with inductive materials to realise robust, high-performance, low pass filter networks. Where required, transient protection can be combined with EMI / RFI filtering to provide maximum protection.

The diodes, as well as the EMI filter, are packaged separately so the construction of the connector remains modular.

High-Power Connectors

Smiths Connectors high-power solutions are offered in rugged, single and multi-pole versions up to 1200A, ensuring excellent performance within extreme environments.

Available with reliable Hyperboloid and High-Power Contacts, they can be supplied as fully assembled and tested pre-cabled connectors according to customer specifications.

High-Speed Data

High Speed Data connectors range covers copper and fibre-optic (both multimode and single-mode), high-speed solutions. Fibre-optic contacts support wide bandwidth applications and are suitable for inclusion in a broad variety of connector styles.

All fibre-optic connectors and contacts are offered fully terminated and tested, ensuring signal integrity for rugged application environments.

Copper solutions include a comprehensive array of quadrax and twinax connectors. Manufacturing is in accordance to the following protocols: Fibre Channel, Ethernet Firewire, USB, DVI and InfiniBand.

PCB Connectors

A broad range of high-density PCB connectors for adverse environments. Equipped with signal, power, high speed, RF and spring probe contacts, they offer a wide choice of configurations and terminations.

RF Coax and Triax

A complete line of RF Coaxial and Triaxial connectors. RF Contacts include standard size: MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404 and ARINC 600. RF Micro connectors include high-frequency coax, MDCX and MDHC.

Spring Probe Interposers and Connectors

Spring probes are designed to optimise performance in high-reliability, multicycle applications.

Spring probes are compliant, making them ideal for blind mate applications as they self correct for x, y, z, rotational and angular misalignment of the target.

Offered in compressed heights less than 2mm and utilised on pitches as tight as 0.4mm, they are well suited for high density, board-to-board, battery contact and high-frequency applications.