Adapted for use with the Broco Mini-Ripper™ diamond blades, this is the super lightweight alternative to gasoline powered quickie saws. It races through steel, aluminum and poly- carbonate (plexi-glass).

Ideal for cutting chains, hardened locks and window bars the mini breaching saw can be used on outward opening doors to cut hinges and bolt throws. Cut metal security door frames to disengage locksets.

36V of power and longer battery life coupled with the high speed performance of Broco’s Mini-Ripper™ blades put more options at the breacher’s disposal.

Diamond Ripper™ blades feature:

  • Double layer diamond brazed cutting edge
  • Aggressive cutting on all materials
  • Long blade life
  • Smooth performance

Broco’s 36V Cutoff Tool Kit is also ideal for rescue. Cut vehicle sheet metal including ‘B’ pillars or cut laminated safety glass quickly and easily.

Benefits of the Broco 36V Cutoff Tool Kit include:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Less gyroscopic effect
  • More control