Diamond Ripper rescue saw blades are sold for use with gasoline powered portable ‘rescue’ saws to facilitate cutting of a wide range of materials in a disaster recovery, urban search-and-rescue, law enforcement forced entry or military environment. Use of the Diamond Ripper negates the need for carrying and employing separate types of blades for cutting metal, concrete or wood. Mini-Ripper blades are for use with high-speed electric grinders.

The blade is constructed of a steel core with industrial grade diamonds in a nickel matrix vacuum brazed along the cutting edge segments. Diamond powder is bonded to the face of the core to reduce binding and aid cooling.

While it is desirable and necessary for fast efficient cutting to maintain high rotational speeds the maximum revolutions a minute (RPM) should not be exceeded.

Always wear eye protection, protective gloves, long pants, long sleeves and appropriate footwear.

Possible respiratory hazards may exist. Know the material being cut and take adequate precaution to protect against dust and cutting byproducts if necessary.