Multi-Domain – Multi-Mission – One Powerful Solution

  • EV Recharge – Range Extender
  • Soldier-Worn Battery Recharge Station
  • OTM Power for Communications
  • Extended Silent Watch Operations
  • UAS / Counter UAS
  • Reduced Thermal & Acoustic Signature
  • Regenerative Braking

The ATeMM is a connected and synchronized auto controlled electric powered platform. The ATeMM can be easily connected to any leading vehicle by a unique, patented “3 points fast connection”.

This connection enables the combined platform to perform as a 6×6 and 8×8 synchronized, flexible, agile platform, allowing the operator a simple and easy driving experience

Manoeuvring robotics 

As a Tandem (Connected ATeMMs), the ATeMM-T does not sacrifice any of its mobility behind a host vehicle. In addition to doubling the system’s capability, the ATeMM-T can be detached from the host vehicle and operated via remote control. This enables low heat and noise signature, unmanned travel to and from the tactical edge, or other high risk combat scenario. The

ATeMM-T is ready for autonomous control integration.

Ready for autonomous integration – Autonomous Ready