Anti vibration and shock mountings

Trelleborg designed the MDS (multi-directional snubbing) mount specifically to ensure the highest standards of vibration suppression and low noise in the engines and cabs of today’s advanced vehicles.

The MDS mounting is easy to install based on a two-part single-bolt installation. There is no requirement for radius or chamfered installation hole and a steel flange prevents rubber wear at the bracket interface. The bonded steel snubbing cup limits vertical movements and prevents excessive strain in rubber.

The cup is encapsulated in rubber to prevent corrosion, which will absorb high-dynamic shock loads, while limiting movement in all directions. The TrellExtreme® MDS mount is designed for maximum vertical dynamic snubbing from +/- 6mm and horizontal dynamic snubbing from +/- 3mm. The standard range accommodates static vertical loads from 70kg to 500kg, with deflection at maximum static load of 2.5mm to 4mm and axial to radial stiffness ratio of 1.5:1 rising to 3:1.

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