Containment and dry storage systems

Trelleborg designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of flexible liquid containment solutions for many applications.

Our high-performance polymer products and systems are used in demanding industries. Our solutions serve the following application areas:

  • Storage tank seals
  • Fuel and water storage systems
  • Oil spill response
  • Equipment for STS operations
  • Port security
  • Liquid storage

Fuel and Water Storage Systems – We produce a wide range of systems for the temporary storage and delivery of fuel and water. Our systems extend from a single tank to a full fuel farm, including project management, containing elements such as flexible tanks and bund liners.

Oil Spill Response – Our solutions are used by the military and oil spill contractors to ensure maximum containment efficiency when incidents occur. We provide a range of flexible tanks and Dracone Barges such as large-capacity, towable, floating storage tanks, as well as ancillary equipment to support environmental protection.

Liquid Storage – We offer a wide range of liquid storage solutions which includes the highly versatile pillow tank, a flexible tank that has standard or customised capacities between 1,00l and 800,000l to cover the entire spectrum of storage requirements.

Flexible Tanks – Can be deployed quickly in challenging environments. Durable, tough, resilient and withstand temperature extremes. Designed for high abrasion, chemical and fuel resistance. Trelleborg’s Bund Liners are effective fuel spillage containment solution used with flexible tanks. Material meets British Defence Specifications (DGFVE.315A). Available in sizes to suit all operational requirements.

The Trelleborg Dry Storage System can be used to protect a multitude of high-value assets, including military hardware, ammunition, emergency equipment such as generators, pumps and compressors, medical equipment and any high value asset that may be used only periodically. This enables assets to be decentralised and stored where they will be required resulting in rapid deployment when needed. The system has been proven in arctic, desert, dry and humid ambient conditions. NATO standard camouflage netting can also be incorporated.

Each Dry Storage System unit is supplied with a base and rail, an inflatable sealing tube, a two-ply butyl cover, protection material, inflation and vacuum connections, desiccant bags to remove any remaining moisture and sensors to connect a hand-held portable hygrometer. Installation is simple and quick. The system has a design life in excess of 20 years and can be used over and over again leading to a versatile, durable and robust protection system.

Key advantages – Significantly prolongs the life of the stored asset and thereby offers a very short return on investment. Asset is available for almost immediate use when removed from the Dry Storage System. Assets can be decentralised and stored where they are likely to be needed. Designed for long life using best available materials of construction designed for -40°C to 120°C and with high UV and Ozone protection. Suitable for almost any location and eliminates the need for expensive climate controlled buildings. Easily rigged and derigged using minimum amount of labour. Can be reused many times and for a variety of assets. Extremely low maintenance and site-repairable. Minimum site-tooling required so can utilised in very remote locations.

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