Satellite and communications company ViaSat has demonstrated its NetAgility Virtual and Mobile Software Defined Networking (SDN) bonding router at the US Army’s Cyber Quest 2020 exercise.

Cyber Quest is a live event where military, commercial and defence industry, worked alongside government and academia to study how electronic warfare, cyber, networking and communications capabilities could aid military forces across the globe.

The exercise is led by the US Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence.

During the event, Viasat’s technology showcased advanced multi-path networking transmission and management capabilities.

These were displayed over several tactical communication links in multiple US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) and Operational Virtual Health (OVH) situations.

In multiple challenges during the exercise, the US Army explored how the company’s SDN platform could address ‘Capability Set 2023’ and ‘Capability Set 2025’ network issues.

Viasat Government Systems president Ken Peterman said: “The US Army has interest in fielding advanced solutions like OVH, SA, transport-optimised ISR and a tactical medical cloud to help save warfighter lives in the thick of battle.

“These applications require increased network bandwidth and resiliency for both the distributed network (command post to medic) and the backhaul network (advanced medical support from continental US military hospitals).

“At Cyber Quest 2020, we proved we could augment and enhance existing tactical military networks using SDN capabilities integrated into a multi-vendor environment—to provide ease of management, increased network capacity and real-time resilience—even if a network goes under attack.”

In July, Viasat UK partnered with cyber solutions provider Cyber1st to exclusively deliver secure voice and data capabilities to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).