The US Army has awarded a $20m three-year contract to Mettle Ops to support efforts to increase soldier survivability.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) other transaction agreement (OTA) contract was awarded by the US Army Combat Capability Development Center Ground Vehicle Systems Center (CCDC GVSC).

The contract will run until 2021 and will focus on providing soldiers with advanced equipment to enhance their protection in combat environments.

Mettle Ops will provide programme management, design, modelling, simulations, and analysis. The company will also handle the documentation aspect of the process for the agreement.

Mettle Ops founder Katie Bigelow said: “Through innovation, we are increasing soldier survivability. Focused efforts on safety provide soldiers with equipment that better protects them, meaning more soldiers come home with less long-term health problems.”

CCDC GVSC and Mettle will work to jointly develop prototypes of advanced survivability and protection technologies for tracked and wheeled ground vehicles.

The virtual and physical prototypes will particularly cater to Abrams Main Battle Tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

The technologies will also cover the US Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and the Next Generation Combat Vehicle.

For CCDC GVSC, the contract is part of its continuous pursuit of advanced technologies to increase survivability for current and future ground vehicle systems.

Mettle Ops is a provider of programme management and engineering services.

In 2017, the company won a contract from CCDC GVSC to jointly work to provide increased survivability for soldiers.