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A US Marine stationed at the Pentagon has been tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19.

The marine was tested positive on 24 March, but his last visit to the Pentagon was on 13 March.

At present, he is in isolation at his home and is set to undergo further assessment by health professionals.

The isolation measure was taken after an immediate family member of the marine began to show symptoms. He contacted his assigned medical facility after he became ill.

Precautionary measures for the virus and isolation was followed by the marine as regulated by the US Centers for Disease Control guidelines and Department of Defense (Dod) directives.

At Pentagon, his workplace has been cleaned by a Pentagon response team.

To minimise any further risks, investigation to locate people with whom the marine has been in contact with is underway.

Steps are also being taken to preserve the health of the workforce at the Pentagon.

On 24 March, four servicemen of the coalition training programme also tested positive for Covid-19 in Afghanistan. To prevent further outspread, approximately 1,500 soldiers and civilians have been kept in screening facilities.