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Four servicemen of the coalition have tested positive for the coronavirus Covid-19 in Afghanistan.

These are the first positive cases from the NATO-led training mission called Resolute Support Mission or Operation Resolute Support.

This was announced on the Twitter account of Headquarters of Resolute Support, Kabul.

After showing flu-like symptoms, the servicemen were kept in isolation as a precautionary measure. They were later tested positive.

Details of the infected servicemen have not been disclosed. All the servicemen in isolation have either recently arrived in the country or were returning from leave.

Soldiers and other members in contact with the four servicemen were also identified and quarantined.

Approximately 1,500 soldiers and civilians have been kept in the screening facility to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Currently, there are 38 Resolute Support personnel with flu-like symptoms. All of them have been placed in isolation and are undergoing required medical assessment.

Resolute Support said that it is closely monitoring, assessing and adjusting its operations to safeguard its force while protecting the interests of Nato allies and partners in Afghanistan.