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The House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress, has approved a bill that would provide $40bn in new aid to Ukraine.

The House voted 368-57 to pass the bill. It now proceeds to the upper house Senate for approval.

This comes two weeks after US President Joe Biden asked Congress to approve a $33bn aid package for Ukraine. The lawmakers agreed to increase the package to further strengthen military and humanitarian allocations.

According to a Reuters report, the new package allocates $6bn for security assistance. This includes training, equipment, weapons, and related support.

It also includes an additional $8.7bn to restock US equipment delivered to Ukraine and $3.9bn for European Command operations.

The potential legislation will also provide $11bn in Presidential Drawdown Authority that will allow President Biden to transfer arms and services to Ukraine from the US military inventory.

The US increased military and other forms of assistance to Ukraine after it was invaded by Russia in February. It is said to have delivered more than $3.5bn of weaponry to the embattled nation since the invasion started.

This includes sending howitzers, anti-aircraft Stinger systems, anti-tank Javelin missiles, ammunition, and drones.

President Biden also recently signed a new bill into law to streamline the delivery of military aid to Ukraine.

Canada and the UK have also announced additional military aid for Ukraine.

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Moscow will support the country to develop missiles similar to the Iskander used by the Russian military.

Russia had used the Iskander missile systems in Ukraine, reported Reuters.