The US Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has awarded a contract to General Motors subsidiary GM Defense to develop and deliver a battery electric technology.

The award will see the company use Ultium Platform, its advanced battery technology, to provide a battery pack prototype.

The technology will be fitted on to the US Department of Defense platforms for testing and analysis.

Ultium Platform will help the company to cater to the DIU’s scalable design requirement for use on tactical military vehicles.

GM Defense president Steve duMont said: “This award is a critical enabler for non-traditional defence businesses, like GM Defense, to deliver commercial technologies that support our customers’ transition to a more electric, autonomous, and connected future.

“Commercial battery electric technologies continue to mature. GM Defense offers a unique advantage, with our ability to leverage proven commercial capabilities and the billions in GM investments in electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle technologies in order to help provide our customers with the most advanced capabilities the commercial market can offer.”

The Ultium Platform is a modular and scalable combined electric vehicle (EV) battery architecture and propulsion system.

It is designed to become adaptable to different requirements and new technology additions. The platform uses various factors of chemistries and cell forms to adapt itself.

In July this year, the US Army selected GM Defense to fulfil its requirement for a light to heavy duty battery electric vehicle. This award will help the service to cut dependence on fossil fuels.