General Motors’ subsidiary GM Defense has been chosen to provide a light to heavy duty battery electric vehicle (EV) for the US Army.

The company is required to deliver a battery EV that cuts reliance on fossil fuels in operational and garrison environments.

The US Army will use the vehicle for analysis and demonstration purpose.  

GM Defense will leverage its GMC Hummer EV with GM’s Ultium Platform for the development effort. 

An all-electric supertruck, the GMC Hummer EV Pickup comprises a 24-module, double-stacked Ultium battery pack and zero-tailpipe emissions.

The electric vehicle is equipped with 1,000 horsepower and 11,500lb-ft of wheel torque. With 350kW/800-volt DC fast charging capability, the EV can cover over 100 miles in 12 minutes.

It also offers 329 miles of combined driving range for Edition 1.

GM Defense president Steve duMont said: “This award showcases GM Defense’s ability to leverage the best battery electric technology in the commercial marketplace.

“With access to GM’s advanced technologies, GM Defense is able to provide proven commercial technologies adapted to meet specific defence requirements and the needs of our customers.”

duMont added: “Leveraging GM’s advanced technology, this demonstration will prove to our US Army customer what an all-electric supertruck can do and how the underlying technology can be leveraged for future defence needs, whether on an installation or in a tactical environment.”

To promote an electric and autonomous future, the company will use GM’s $35bn investment for developing EV and autonomous vehicle technology for its defence and government customers.

In October 2020, GM Defense delivered the first Infantry Squad Vehicle to the US Army as part of a $214.3m contract to procure 649 vehicles.