Paratroopers of the US Army and Colombian Army have successfully completed a six-day bilateral airborne training exercise.

Dubbed as Dynamic Force Employment (DFE), the airborne exercise is also known as Exercise Hidra II.

It showcased the tactical capabilities of the Colombian Army’s special forces unit ‘the Lanceros’, at the Tolemaida Air Base in Colombia.

The US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) exercise and the US Army Southern bilateral DFE enabled the rapid deployment of US troops within the area.

During the bilateral DFE exercise, the US and Colombian armies jointly received training on day and night airborne operations, a tactical field training exercise, as well as medical evacuation procedures.

The two armies also executed a combat water survival course and participated in an obstacle course at the Lancero School.

On the first day of the exercise, the paratroopers were observed by US Army South commanding general brigadier general William Thigpen and Colombian army commander general Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro.

Zapatiero said: “General Thigpen and I are in the field today, working hard to develop this training and be completely interoperable.

“We are going to put in practice all the distinct skills and capabilities that make a great soldier.”

The DFE was planned, managed and executed by US Army South staff. The 82nd Airborne Division served as the exercise’s operational unit.

At the closing ceremony of the exercise, the two armies exchanged airborne badges and 2-501st Battalion commander lieutenant colonel David Webb expressed appreciation for the military participants.