The US Army and the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) have selected Teal Drones to compete in the Short Range Reconnaissance Tranche 2 (SRR T2) Program of Record.

The company has advanced to the prototype phase of the SRR T2 programme, following a successful demonstration in September last year.

Teal has now secured a $1.5m prototype contract to develop a drone that meets the US Army’s technical system requirements of SRR T2, as well as compete for the SRR T2 production contract.

The SRR T2 programme seeks to deliver a portable small uncrewed aerial system (sUAS) that can be used by Army platoons for surveillance and reconnaissance (S&R) duties, as well as to improve situational awareness.

Teal founder and CEO George Matus said: “The rigorous technical requirements and programme objectives of SRR T2 dramatically narrowed the field, from over three dozen drone manufacturers, to just a handful that were selected by the Army to move forward with the programme. 

“We believe this puts us among the most elite drone manufacturers in the world and, consequently, is a significant recognition of our capabilities.

“The $1.5m prototype contract we were awarded for SRR T2 reinforces the sophistication and technical expertise of our entire Teal team.  We look forward to developing the Army’s next-generation sUAS to improve the safety and lethality of our warfighters.”

Teal Drones, a subsidiary of Red Cat Holdings, was also selected in the SRR Tranche 1 programme that began in 2020.

Five drones, including Teal’s Golden Eagle, were added to DIU’s Blue sUAS list and secured approvals from the DoD, and other federal departments.

Earlier this month, the US Army announced that it had conducted a series of ground manoeuvres with the Long Range Hypersonic System.