The US Army has placed a new order with DiSTI for M2A3/M2A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) trainers.

The $5.5m order involves the delivery of Diagnostic Troubleshooting Trainers (DTT) for the BFV, as well as classroom hardware as part of the Family of Maintenance Trainers (FMT) programme.

DiSTI CEO John Hayward said: “The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is a critical component in the US Army’s Armored Brigade Combat Team and the combat vehicle modernisation strategy.

The Disti is committed to continuing our mission of developing world-class, immersive training to ensure efficacy and force readiness.”

The latest order will strengthen existing BFV DTT prototype tutorial with 80 maintenance and troubleshooting lessons and procedures.

The training solution will enable the students to hone their BFV maintenance skills in an advanced 3D learning environment.

As agreed, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle DTT training classrooms will be installed in Fort Benning in Georgia, Fort Lee in Virginia and Camp Shelby located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The US Army established the Family of Maintenance Trainers (FMT) programme to set a Common Core (CC) software baseline that will expedite the process of adapting new and emerging technologies for future training needs.

DiSTI focuses on delivering turnkey and customised HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions.

Last month, DiSTI received a $4.7m order from the US Army involving the delivery of DTT for the M1 Abrams battle tank and associated classroom hardware.