Virtual training solutions provider DiSTI has secured an order to deliver Diagnostic Troubleshooting Trainers (DTT) for the US Army’s M1 Abrams battle tank.

The $4.7m order also requires DiSTI to provide the necessary classroom hardware for the programme’s execution.

Overall, enhanced Abrams DTT training will include 80 maintenance and troubleshooting lessons and procedures.

The simulated platform is the M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams M1A2 SEPV3 (System Enhanced Package), which replicates the current configuration of the Abrams main battle tank (MBT) in service with the US Army.

The Disti solution will help students to train in an advanced 3D learning environment and acquire necessary skills for the maintenance of Abrams tanks.

As decided, the Abrams DTT trainers will be installed at Fort Benning in Georgia, Gowen Field in Idaho, and Fort Lee, Virginia.

DiSTI CEO John Hayward said: “The M1 Abrams tank has been around for nearly 30 years but it is still the world’s premier main battle tank.

“The M1 Abrams remains a revolutionary machine that requires the sophisticated and immersive training that DiSTI’s virtual training solutions can provide.”

DiSTI provides the US Army with training solutions to improve readiness and efficacy of the forces.

Last month, the company won an order to develop DTTs for the US Army and Army National Guard’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV).

The contract required DiSTI to provide a total of 200 maintenance and troubleshooting lessons and procedures.

This year, DiSTI also secured a contract to upgrade the Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) Land-Based Phalanx Weapon System (LPWS) Operator and Maintainer Trainer (OMT) for the US Army.