US Army has unveiled plans to deactivate the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) and Rapid Equipping Force (REF) organisations next year.

The move comes after the service decided to transfer funding and resources from counter-insurgency operations to large-scale combat.

The two organisations supplied personnel with materiel solutions and operational advisory support. They will close no later than 30 September next year.

Meanwhile, AWG and REF leadership will work to ensure a seamless transition of personnel and equipment to other agencies throughout the force.

AWG and REF operated under the US Army Training and Doctrine Command.

The REF was established in 2002 at Virginia and delivered non-standard equipment solutions to support mission demand.

Subsequently, the US Army formed AWG in 2006. The entity offered operational advisory support during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Both entities helped the army to address the capability gaps during the two wars.

According to TRADOC officials, it also helped in the development of new doctrine, organisation, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities, or DOTMLPF, throughout the ranks, especially for counter-insurgency operations.

REF deputy director Steven Sliwa said: “We believe our best always came after we partnered with other agencies and organisations. I am excited to see how the army takes [the REF] on in the future.”

AWG Charlie Squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Southern said: “I am extremely proud to have served in this unit and witness all that this unit has done for our army.”