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US Army’s 1st Medical Brigade, also known as Silver Knights, has deployed a military asset in support of the Covid-19 relief efforts, reports Spc Samantha Hall.

Known as the Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force (UAMTF), the new concept is designed to all the army to quickly deploy medical assets provided by the army reserve.

The UAMTF unit consists of medical personnel who are self-sufficient. They can rapidly and readily provide the support required for any specific mission or situation.

US Army 801-2 UAMTF unit commander US Army lieutenant colonel Rob Wyatt said: ”The unit came together, its people transitioned from civilians to active-duty soldiers in a matter of days.

”We have shown that when we’re needed, we can be there quickly and ready to provide our capabilities to the fight.”

Furthermore, Silver Knights also deployed medical personnel from the 9th Hospital Center and the 627th Hospital Center to New York City and Seattle.

Additionally, the 1st Medical Brigade is supporting the efforts of Task Force Center by coordinating with defence support of civil authorities across 15 states in the US.

Task Force Center commander army major general Michael Stone said: “I cannot say enough about the partnership that was developed between Colonel Howe and his organisation and Task Force Center.

“We’ve had amazing opportunities to coordinate and work closely with the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Public Health Service, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and all sorts of other partners at various levels.”