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Thales has been awarded a new contract to provide a complete short-range threat detection and air defence system for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

The deal was finalised on 1 February at the company’s Limours facility located in the south of Paris, France.

It was signed by a Thales representative, French Defence Minister Sébastien Lecornu, and his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov.

Under this deal, the company will be required to deliver a package of the complete air defence system, comprising various equipment and sensor systems, to strengthen the defensive capabilities of Ukrainian soldiers in battle against Russian troops.

It will include a radio communications system, a Ground Master (GM) 200 radar, air target designators, and a command-and-control (C2) centre.

The company’s GM200 is a multi-mission radar system that will be deployed by the Ukrainian ground forces to provide an effective response against airborne threats including cruise missiles, drones, helicopters, and combat aircraft.

This medium-range radar has a 250km surveillance mode and an approximately 100km engagement mode, which allows it to concurrently detect and track low to high altitude targets in various complex scenarios.

Thales CEO and chairman Patrice Caine said: “Thales is proud to be playing a part in the protection of Ukraine, in particular by providing air defence systems.”

Thales will use its expertise in developing air defence systems to fulfil the requirements of this contract.

The company said that its threat detection and protection systems can be deployed to counter a wide range of airborne adversaries at all levels of airspace while supporting the military decision-making process that involves threat detection, identification, and neutralisation.

The latest signing comes days after France and Australia announced that they would jointly provide 155mm ammunition to support the Ukrainian forces.