Systematic has won a contract to provide SitaWare Headquarters command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) system to the German Army.

The SitaWare solution will be used to increase the command and control capabilities of the army’s deployable command posts.

It will extend the German Army’s legacy command and control (C2) system and allow seamless connectivity between existing national and international systems.

SitaWare is designed to operate on in-service IT platforms.

Systematic business development vice-president Sven Trusch said: “The advanced command and control functions and comprehensive situational awareness picture that the system features improve the existing C2 capabilities of the German Army.

“Interoperability is a core element of SitaWare’s capabilities and the software will greatly improve the army’s ability to undertake operations with its partners. Few militaries conduct missions independently, therefore we understand that it is crucial for information from our systems to be made available to others, even those that do not operate with SitaWare.”

The German Army will deploy the C2 package at division and brigade command posts.

The package will be complemented by Systematic’s IRIS WebForms software, which is designed to be integrated into C2 and military message handling systems to support military text format.

“Interoperability is a core element of SitaWare’s capabilities and the software will improve the army’s ability to undertake operations with its partners.”

IRIS WebForms will allow operators to find any position included in the structured messages.

SitaWare headquarters is already in use with the country’s armed forces. It forms the core of the Mission Enabling Service Bundeswehr.

The army will initially field SitaWare Headquarters to support its contribution to Nato’s Lithuania-based Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup.

During deployment, the system will allow German commanders to have a detailed common operating picture of the battlefield.

The system will also enable shared situational awareness with partners, including the Lithuanian Land Forces, who use SitaWare Headquarters and Frontline.

All of the Lithuanian Land Forces’ 88 new Boxer armoured fighting vehicles, designated Vilkas, will be integrated with Systematic’s SitaWare Frontline C2 software.