Systematic has received a contract from the German Armed Forces to provide its SitaWare Frontline for the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force 2023 (Land) (VJTF (L) 2023) programme.

The SitaWare Frontline will create a battle management application framework in support of the VJTF (L) 2023.

The software will meet the programme’s battle management system (BMS ) requirements. It is designed for installation on different military vehicles operating under VJTF (L) 2023.

In addition to serving as an ecosystem for the land forces, the application framework will support the integration of current and future capabilities.

Systematic Business Development vice-president Sven Trusch said: “SitaWare has an open architecture, enabling the customer to drive the development of the capability.

“The software development kits being delivered under the programme enable the armed forces and third parties to develop bespoke applications or build extensions that facilitate the integration of other systems.

“Frontline is an operationally proven system that equips the army with advanced C2 capabilities, comprehensive situational awareness, and force tracking.”

Designed to enhance force protection, the battle control software will help address command and control challenges at the frontline.

The solution will provide frontline commanders with an automatically updated view of friendly force tracking (FFT).

Commanders will have a situational awareness picture that will provide information on the location of own troops and friendly forces in the area of interest, as well as intelligence on enemy forces.

Frontline, which is part of Systematic’s SitaWare software suite, will also provide other capabilities, including tactical chat and communicating tactical orders through a touchscreen-enabled interface.

Systematic already provides its SitaWare Headquarters command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) solution to the German Army under a previously awarded contract.

SitaWare Headquarters allows the army to improve the command and control capabilities of its deployable command posts.