The Swedish Armed Forces has confirmed its decision to increase military reinforcements across the country following increased Russian activity.

The deployments are intended to enhance the defence operational capabilities across various locations within the country, and follows the current tense situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Swedish Armed Forces joint operations chief Michael Claesson said: “The security situation in the vicinity of Sweden has been serious for some time, and the recent developments have further strengthened that picture.”

“This does not necessarily entail an increased threat, but we always adapt to the current situation.”

Sweden is also increasing its reinforcements due to Russian activity in the Baltic Sea. Some of the recent activities were found to be “deviating from the normal picture”.

According to the Swedish Armed Forces, several amphibious warfare ships from the Russian Northern Fleet have passed through the Great Belt. It was observed that these ships continued to pass through the Baltic Sea.

The measures will be clearly visible in Gotland, according to Michael Claesson.

Additional redeployment measures that are less visible will also be taking place.

An operational contingency unit with crew and equipment from Norrbotten’s regiment (I 19) is already on the Swedish island.

Claesson added: “All in all, capabilities from all armed forces will be concerned. We will be active in the air, at sea, below the surface, and on land, in various ways and in different geographical locations.”

In November last year, the US-made Patriot air defence missile system, dubbed ‘Air defence system 103 (LvS103)’, was delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces during a handover ceremony.

This air defence missile system seeks to strengthen the air defence capability of Sweden.