Swedish defence and security firm Saab has secured a contract from an undisclosed customer to deliver components for the Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle.

The value of the deal is worth Skr643m ($65.48m).

The company has refrained from revealing further details about the customer or the weapon system for which the parts are to be delivered.

Saab Business Area Dynamics head Görgen Johansson said: “We continue to support and strengthen our customers’ defence capabilities with our world-leading ground combat solutions.

“This order is further proof that our solutions meet our customers’ requirements.”

Deliveries under the orders will be carried out this year and in 2023.  

According to Saab, the Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle is a portable, multi-role, combat-proven weapon system designed to meet the needs of dismounted soldiers.

The shoulder-launched weapon system is lightweight and easy to operate and can be deployed in complex combat conditions. 

It helps troops in neutralising tanks and clearing obstacles in any intense combat scenario.

The system is now in its fourth generation and operational with more than 40 different nations, including several Nato allies.

The latest version of the weapon system, Carl-Gustaf M4, is designed to meet the advanced combat needs of infantry units, increase tactical flexibility, deliver rapid engagement, and enable a superior hit probability.

Earlier this month, Saab won a contract from the US Army MAAWS Program Office for Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifles.

Canada recently announced additional military support to Ukraine and committed to supplying at least 100 anti-armour weapons systems, Carl Gustav M2 recoilless rifles, and related equipment.