Swedish company Saab has received a contract worth around SEK8bn ($761m) from a ‘western country’ to deliver defence systems. 

Under the order, Saab will provide Saab’s Carl-Gustaf multipurpose shoulder-launched weapon, the RBS 70 NG short-range air defence system and the Giraffe 1X radar. Saab’s deliveries will take place from 2023 to 2026.

The latest order was placed with circumstances concerning the customer and national security interests, with no further information regarding the orders or the customer being provided. Associated deliveries are expected to start later this year. 

Last year, the Latvian Ministry of Defence (MoD) placed an order with Saab to procure short-range air defence systems for the country’s armed forces.

Saab also secured an Skr100m ($11.67m) order to deliver Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons and related ammunition to the Estonian Armed Forces. 

The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest system version and can destroy armoured tanks, clear obstacles, and neutralise landing craft and bunkers. 

The system can be equipped with intelligent sighting systems and future technology developments such as programmable ammunition.

RBS 70 NG is the latest version of the RBS 70 system that provides automatic target tracking, improved reaction times, and in-built night-sight capabilities to its users.

This reliable, precise, and flexible defence system is also equipped with a video recorder, allowing the users to review and improve their skill sets. 

It is currently in service with several international forces, including Brazil, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

The compact radar can be used with ground and naval air defence systems to provide site protection and counter-uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS) capabilities.

Earlier this year, Saab reported a 16% growth in net sales in Q4 2022.