The Latvian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has placed an order with Swedish Company Saab to procure short-range air defence systems for the country’s armed forces.

The new order includes ground based RBS 70 new generation (NG) very short-range air defence (VSHORAD) systems, as well as Giraffe 1X multi-mission radar systems.

Associated deliveries are expected to start later this year.

According to the company, the Giraffe 1X radar paired with the RBS 70 NG ground-based system will strengthen air defence capabilities and enhance the overall performance of the Latvian armed forces.

Saab Missile Systems business unit marketing and sales head Mats-Olof Rydberg said: “Our wide knowledge within ground-based air defence enables us to offer a complete solution within the area.

“With this order, the Latvian National Armed Forces will receive the Giraffe 1X radar with its best-in-class capabilities, as well as the world’s most capable short-range air defence system RBS 70 NG.”

RBS 70 NG is the latest version of the RBS 70 system that provides automatic target tracking, improved reaction times, and in-built night sight capabilities to its users.

This reliable, precise, and flexible defence system is also equipped with a video recorder, allowing the users to review and improve their skillsets. 

It is currently in service with several international forces including Brazil, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

In 2019, the Brazilian Army placed its first order with Saab to provide RBS 70 NG defence systems.

The company is also supplying its Giraffe 1X lightweight high-performing 3D radar to various countries’ military forces.

The compact radar can be used both with ground and naval air defence systems to provide site protection and counter-uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS) capabilities.