Saab has secured a nearly Skr900m ($104.7m) order to deliver Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle and related ammunition.

Details regarding the customer have not been disclosed.

Saab business area Dynamics head Görgen Johansson said: “We are proud to continue to support our international customer base with our Carl-Gustaf M4 which makes a difference when needed.

“These orders are further proof of the high demand for our ammunition and our ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.”

The Carl-Gustaf M4 can be used to destroy armoured tanks, clear obstacles and neutralise landing craft and bunkers.

It is designed to meet a wide range of modern combat challenges faced by ground forces.

The lightweight multi-role system can be equipped with intelligent sighting systems, as well as future technology developments such as programmable ammunition.

According to the firm, Carl-Gustaf M4 is compatible with advanced fire control devices. It increases tactical flexibility, allowing soldiers to handle any kind of scenario.

Deliveries are expected to happen next year.

Since the system’s launch in 2014, the company has signed contracts with 14 countries for the shoulder-launched weapon system.

The ammunition is designed to provide high tactical flexibility for any kind of combat situation.

It offers rapid engagement, enhanced hit probability and effectiveness.

In July, Saab secured an approximately $75m order from the US Army to deliver Carl-Gustaf shoulder-fired ammunition.