Saab has secured an approximately $75m order from the US Army to deliver Carl-Gustaf shoulder-fired ammunition.

The latest order is part of an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) framework agreement signed by the company with the US Army in 2019.

This agreement enables the US Army, US Marines and US Special Forces to place orders over a five-year period to acquire Carl-Gustaf ammunition and disposable AT4 shoulder-fired weapons.

It includes seven kinds of ammunition such as anti-armour, smoke, anti-structure, and illumination rounds.

The order has been booked under the Q2-2021 log and deliveries are expected to take place in 2022.

Saab US president and CEO Erik Smith said: “The Carl-Gustaf is a modern, flexible weapon platform designed by Saab to meet the current and future needs of our warfighters across every combat environment.

“Our Carl-Gustaf ammunition makes our weapon adaptable and delivers guaranteed effects against armoured vehicles, soft targets, and urban structures.

“We take great pride in Saab’s 35-year history of delivering our combat-proven family of weapon systems to the US Armed Forces.”

Designated MAAWS in the US, the Carl-Gustaf system has been a programme of record for the army since 2013.

The reloadable multi-purpose system has been operational in the US since 1990.

The Army revealed its intention to procure the Carl-Gustaf M4, which is designated as M3E1 in the US, in 2018.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest version of the weapon and can be used to destroy armoured tanks, clear obstacles and neutralise landing craft and bunkers.

The system can be equipped with intelligent sighting systems, as well as future technology developments such as programmable ammunition.