The US Army has awarded a new order to Saab for the delivery of an additional shoulder-launched AT4 confined space reduced sensitivity (AT4CS RS) system.

Valued at approximately Skr426m ($50m), the order for the anti-armour weapon system was booked during the second quarter of this year, according to the company.

Saab Dynamics Business Area senior vice-president and head Görgen Johansson said: “This order demonstrates the continuing strong belief by the customer in the AT4 system.”

The original indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract for the AT4CS RS system was awarded to the company in 2008.

The current award is an addition to a $13.4m delivery order received by Saab last year.

Saab North America president and chief executive officer Michael Andersson said: “We are proud to continue to provide this proven and effective tool to the US warfighter.”

“We are proud to continue to provide this proven and effective tool to the US warfighter.”

The AT4CS RS is a single-shot, preloaded anti-armour weapon system that has been specifically designed to feature a unique shaped-charge warhead that delivers significant behind-armour effect inside the target.

Weighing less than 8kg, the lightweight fully disposable shoulder-launched weapon system has an effective range of 20m to 300m.

The AT4CS RS can be easily used and handled and therefore does not require expert gunners to operate the weapon system effectively.

In September 2015, Saab received an order to deliver the AT4CS RS weapons to the US Army, with deliveries slated for 2016.

Since 1987, the company has provided more than 600,000 AT4 weapon systems, both directly and under licence, to the US forces.

To date, the weapon has been continuously upgraded to offer improved capability to the user.