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The US has claimed that Russian combat power in Ukraine has dropped for the first time since the invasion began, as the ongoing conflict nears one month.

In a press briefing, a senior US Department of Defense (DoD) official said that the Russians may be slightly below a 90% level of assessed available combat power for the first time.

There are also no tangible indications that Moscow has started sending reinforcements or foreign fighters to the country.

The US previously estimated that Russia amassed approximately 150,000 troops near the Ukrainian border before the ‘military operation’ began. It also deployed artillery, tanks, and military aircraft to support the operation.

The official also emphasised that it is not an assessment of all Russian military power.

The official was quoted as saying: “We do continue to see indications that [the Russians] are having these discussions about reinforcements and foreign fighters, and they are making those kinds of plans, both in terms of resupply and also reinforcement. It’s just that we haven’t seen that actually take place.”

The DoD official added that the Russians have launched more than 1,100 missiles since the start of the invasion.

According to a Reuters report, Russian advance in Ukraine has halted on nearly all fronts, despite hostilities intensifying in some places, particularly near the city of Mariupol.

The EU approved a security strategy amid the ongoing conflict of the Ukraine crisis. It seeks to strengthen the union’s security and defence policy by 2030.