Russian state tech corporation Rostec has unveiled plans to equip the Sotnik third-generation soldier combat outfit with autonomous electric heat systems.

The combat gear is currently under development with Rostec’s Central Research Institute of Precision Machine-Building (TsNIITochMash) working as the lead designer.

The outfits, to be used by some special units, will be provided with autonomous heaters, news agency Tass reported.

Rostec was quoted by Tass as saying: “The outfits designed for their use by special operations units in the army, special services and the Russian Navy’s subversive and reconnaissance squads may get the corresponding equipment. A decision on including the equipment in the outfits will be made by the customer of the military gear.”

The new combat gear is expected to be developed with materials that will reduce the overall weight of the outfit by 20%. It will feature new munitions and small arms, while the images from the cameras will be projected to the helmet visor or protective goggles.

The Sotnik third-generation combat gear is expected to be rolled out in 2025 to replace the operational Ratnik soldier outfits.

Earlier this month, Rostec unveiled plans to develop a fourth-generation combat outfit that will eventually replace the third-generation Sotnik gear.

Several enterprises in addition to Rostec’s institutions will participate in the research and development project.

TsNIITochMash had delivered nearly 300,000 combat outfits to the Russian troops by the end of last year.