Russia’s Rostec has unveiled plans to develop fourth-generation combat equipment for the soldiers of the future.

The company, along with several other enterprises, initiated research work to develop the new generation of combat ensemble. This new gear will eventually replace the third-generation Sotnik gear.

According to the company, Concern Kalashnikov and the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precise Mechanical Engineering and other Rostec State Corporation institutions will participate in the research and development project.

The team will evaluate advanced combat gear used by various other armies, deduce the prospects and determine the scope of research necessary for creating a new generation of equipment.

The programme seeks to form an interdepartmental comprehensive target programme ‘Military gear development for 2035’.

Rostec State Corporation industrial director Bekkhan Ozdoev said: “Rostec holds high competencies in the creation of advanced weapon systems. The new generation gear will consist of a fundamentally new set of technology, including the latest achievements of the Russian defence industry, including robotic equipment and integrated systems for exchanging information.

“The creation of such equipment requires a lot of scientific research. Today we have started the first stage of development, the definition of tactical and technical requirements. The corresponding task has already been received from the Ministry of Defense.”

Notably, Rostec had completed the delivery of more than 300,000 second-generation Ratnik combat gear outfits at the end of last year.

The third-generation Sotnik gear is currently under development with several of its components undergoing preliminary tests.