Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) has successfully demonstrated its new cybersecurity capability, called ‘operational zero trust (OZT)’, for the US Army.

The demonstration was carried out during the US Army Futures Command’s Project Convergence 2022 (PC22) Technology Gateway.

It was held at the US Army’s Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) in southwestern Arizona, US, between 19 September and 18 October.

The event was conducted to bring together different industry partners to present their innovative future capabilities in a realistic operational environment.

As one of the several participating companies, RI&S presented its OZT capability to support the US Army’s initiative to fulfil its modernisation priorities. 

RI&S Cybersecurity, Intelligence and Services president John DeSimone said: “Our OZT approach provides cyber resiliency to the integrated tactical network through a multi-echelon, fully integrated capability.”

The company said that the Zero Trust cyber capability is a simple solution that provides cyber resiliency, and also supports the automation of cyber defence from tactical edge to the theatre.

The OZT is a scalable, survivable, interoperable, and vendor-agnostic platform suitable for integrating cyber tools. It can also accommodate the size, weight, and power needs of all the tactical infrastructures.

According to the company, the Zero Trust cyber resiliency solution can also help the warfighters in remote or contested environments, where the network access is limited.

DeSimone added: “Today’s missions require technologies that provide accurate and assured mission data, protected across all domains, enabling the tactical force to resist cyberattacks and empowering mission commander success.

“Using decades of experience in both offensive and defensive cyber, we designed our OZT capability to ensure a significantly improved cyber defensive posture, with optimised cyber-soldier task alignment.”