Rheinmetall has unveiled its PATH Autonomous Kit (A-Kit) for diverse vehicle platforms at this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 2023. 

The PATH A-Kit, on display at Rheinmetall’s booth and partner booths – Tomahawk Robotics and L3Harris Technologies – is designed to turn any vehicle from traditional platforms to next-generation. The spotlight shines on an M5 Ripsaw RCV equipped with Rheinmetall’s 30mm Skyranger turret, demonstrating the system’s capabilities.

The PATH A-Kit is a navigation system that empowers vehicles to operate autonomously with precision and reliability. Whether integrated into existing vehicles or the latest platforms. The technology has advanced sensors, algorithms, and real-time data analysis, enabling vehicle platforms to navigate autonomously through various operating environments.

The PATH A-Kit’s software includes wireless technology loaded onto a Safe Tablet. This modular and configurable device serves as a command centre, allowing remote operation of any vehicle equipped with the PATH A-Kit. 

As demonstrated on the Mission Master vehicles, the Safe Tablet enables control over various mission module payloads, from surveillance to weapons and cargo. It is the preferred portable control station for these vehicles and the mission modules they deploy.

American Rheinmetall’s move to introduce the PATH A-Kit to the US defence market arrives at a critical juncture, offering advanced capabilities that aim for future force mobility to be agile, versatile, persistent, reliable, survivable, and lethal. 

With autonomy becoming increasingly important in modern military operations, Rheinmetall’s PATH A-Kit emerges as a technology that could redefine the essence of military vehicle capabilities.

Rheinmetall demonstrated growth in the first half of 2023, with a fivefold increase in vehicle order intake. Bolstered by an order backlog that has surpassed the €30bn ($33bn) mark and consolidated operating earnings of €191m reflecting an earnings margin of 6.7%, the company maintains a steadfast trajectory toward its projected 2023 goals, even as it faces a dynamic market landscape and geopolitical challenges.