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Rheinmetall has started delivering new automated reconnaissance systems to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as part of the German Government’s efforts to support the war-torn nation.

The company is under a two-digit million-euro contract to supply the new systems, also referred to as SurveilSPIRE, to Ukraine.

The new capability is being delivered in close collaboration with Estonian company DefSecIntel.

The contract also requires the two companies to provide associated transport vehicles to the Ukrainian forces.

The DefSecIntel-built system is majorly used for monitoring large surrounding areas and other areas of terrain, with the least amount of involvement from military personnel.

The entire SurveilSPIRE set-up comes with mobile surveillance towers, a control system, and autopiloted mini drones. The towers provided with this system also feature day and night-capable camera equipment.

According to Rheinmetall, the reconnaissance system can be easily transported from one area of operation to another, as it can quickly be loaded on trailers. It can be assembled with the help of three personnel while its operation is completely automated.

In addition, the SurveilSPIRE system includes wireless links, including Starlink and 4G, to facilitate the quick and easy transmission of gathered data and videos to a mobile command post.

The system can also work without a fuel source or power cables, as it is fitted with solar panels to support continuous operations.

For the collection of data, the SurveilSPIRE system depends on its autopiloted reconnaissance drones that are deployed to carry out patrolling tasks and other mission-specific flights.

This further supports the inspection of detected threats, allowing the armed forces to take the necessary countermeasures in response.

In January, Rheinmetall received a contract from the German Ministry of Defence for the production and delivery of 35mm ammunition for Ukraine.