Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has confirmed that the first HIMARS rocket artillery systems will be delivered to the Polish Armed Forces as early as this year.

During his visit to the United States, the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense met with representatives of the Lockheed Martin plant in Camden, Arkansas, where the HIMARS artillery systems are manufactured.

In May 2022, Poland signed a letter of request for up to 500 HIMARS launchers, expanding a previous order of just 20, according to GlobalData’s “The Global Artillery Systems Market 2022-2032 report”.

In addition to the delivery of HIMARS systems, the head of the Ministry of Defense also discussed the co-production of the HIMARS system and the production of Javelin-guided anti-tank missiles in Poland during the meeting with Lockheed Martin executives.

This move will enhance the co-operation between the two countries defence industries, promoting a more robust and reliable defence capability for Poland.

The HIMARS system is a highly mobile artillery system capable of delivering precision-guided munitions, making it an ideal tool for modern warfare. The Polish Armed Forces will greatly benefit from acquiring this system, providing them with greater capabilities to deter and defend against any threats to their sovereignty.

The co-production of the HIMARS system and the production of Javelin guided anti-tank missiles in Poland is also a significant development for the country’s defence industry.

This collaboration with Lockheed Martin will pave the way for a more robust and independent defence capability, creating job opportunities and boosting the economy.

Poland has negotiated contracts for 250 Abrams tanks, 32 F-35A fighters, and a raft of agreements with South Korean firms worth $10-12 billion for equipment including 200 self-propelled howitzers, 48 light attack aircraft, 218 rocket launchers and 180 K2 Black Panther tanks – with speculative options for up to 1,000 according to a GlobalData Analyst Briefing.

“This agreement will create a basis for the Polish defence industry to engage more effectively in cooperation with the US defence industry”, Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister pointed out.

This month, Poland also recently acquired a missile air defence system from the UK for £1.9bn to protect their national infrastructure from potential threats.