The Philippine Army 402nd Brigade (402nd IBde) has carried out more than 3,000 checkpoints and security operations in the Caraga region, assisting the government in implementing quarantine measures in the country.

The army brigade has conducted 2,231 Covid-19 checkpoints and extended 1,214 security assistance from the middle of April to 15 May, reported Philippine News Agency.

In the same time period, it was associated with transporting 15 stranded civilians, including foreign nationals, as well as 33 transportation assistance programmes involving the delivery of food packs to communities.

The brigade also offered manpower support for repacking relief goods initiatives.

402nd IBde civil-military operations officer Major Francisco P Garello Jr said: “Aside from checkpoint and security operations, army units under the 402nd IBde also conducted massive information and awareness drives during the period with 220 loudspeaker operations, distribution of leaflets, posting of 56 tarpaulins and 94 radio guesting and programming.”

In support of the regional Inter-Agency Task Force’s mandate, the Philippine Army has been involved in enforcing community quarantine guidelines and protocols in the nation.

As part of the efforts, the 402nd Brigade’s area of responsibility (AOR) is the Caraga Region.

The army is also involved in providing security assistance to relief efforts and other government programmes in areas with heightened security risks.

As of 26 May, the Philippines has reported more than 14,300 Covid-19 cases and the death toll stands at 873.

Globally, the disease has claimed more than 346,000 lives, while around 5.5 million people are infected by the disease.