Pearson Engineering and the Milrem Robotics are set to jointly demonstrate the Type-X robotic combat vehicle (RCV) with a self-protection roller at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2021.

The integration of the Light Weight Mine Roller to Type-X RCV is part of the collaboration between British company Pearson and the European developer Milrem.

The partnership between the two companies will explore mobility and survivability for RCVs.

Light Weight Mine Roller is a type of self-protection roller fitted onto a vehicle to provide protection against live pressure initiated improvised explosive devices.

Pearson Engineering engineering director Jason Riby said: “How RCVs will be deployed is still a matter of discussion with a trend towards lighter, nimbler, and more multi-purpose vehicles able to undertake a multitude of roles independently.

“The fact remains, that these vehicles will need to move to places of their commander’s choosing and in doing so, will need to defeat the wide range of natural and deliberate obstacles usually encountered on the battlefield.

“An RCV without protection may still be subject to enemy action, if not to injure soldiers, but to stop valuable assets in their tracks.”

The uncrewed Type-X RCV was unveiled last year and is designed to support mechanised units in different missions and help in raising troop survivability by reducing the number of soldiers on the battlefield.

In January, medium-class Type-X RCV has passed its initial mobility tests.

Milrem Robotics CEO Kuldar Väärsi said: “The Type-X is designed to be a wingman for manned IFV’s and MBT’s and it can have many different roles on the battlefield.

“Combining it with excellent protection and route proving technologies from Pearson Engineering will significantly increase the survivability of not only the Type-X, but also of manned units.”

Furthermore, the companies are also exploring options for the THeMIS uncrewed ground vehicle (UGV).

In November, Milrem Robotics conducted a demonstration of the autonomous THeMIS UGV for the Italian Army.