Milrem Robotics has carried out a demonstration of the autonomous THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for the Italian Army.

During the live demonstration, the UGV was integrated with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Integration Kit (MIFIK).

The kit provides autonomous functions, which includes, waypoint navigation and ‘follow me’. It can also be installed on other unmanned vehicles that have the same capabilities.

In conjunction with the display, the company introduced a new programme, called the Intelligent Systems Implementation Analysis and Assessment (IS-IA²).

IS-IA² programme is intended for the service to evaluate and study the deployment of intelligent systems into its capabilities.

It consists of three steps, analysis of the armed forces’ requirements, implementation of the customised robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) solution and evaluation of the outcome.

Milrem Robotics Defence Research and Development director captain (retired) Jüri Pajuste said: “IS-IA² provides armed forces support from initial planning to full implementation and post-implementation analyses of intelligent and robotic systems with (Nato standard) concept development and experimentation methodologies.

“This enables customers to get support and solutions for any step in the process.

“With years of experience in RAS experimentations and related system integration, Milrem Robotics is in a great position to be a technology partner and kick-start an innovative robotics and autonomous systems evaluation programme to create or enhance new military capabilities.”

In May, Milrem Robotics announced that THeMIS UGV finished the first deployment in Mali in support of operation Barkhane.