The Pakistan Army has performed a training launch of Ghaznavi nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile from an undisclosed location.

In a statement on his official Twitter account, Pakistan Military’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) director-general major general Babar Iftikhar confirmed the launch.

ISPR, the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces, stated that the launch re-validated the weapon system’s technical parameters.

The test-fire was also aimed at ensuring the operational readiness of Army Strategic Forces Command.

The ballistic missile is designed to deliver nuclear and conventional warheads up to a distance of 290km.

Pakistan Army Strategic Forces Command commander appreciated the standard of training, weapon system handling and the military troops’ ability to execute the launch mission in the field.

The event witnessed the presence of key defence officials from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s National Development Complex has designed and developed the short-range, road-mobile Ghaznavi missile.

Code-named Hatf III, Ghaznavi missile can conduct long-range strikes targeting military bases, airfields and production facilities.

Hatf III entered operational service with the army in 2012.

It is equipped with a terminal guidance system to help attack moving military units.

The missile was successfully test-fired by the ASFC during its annual field training exercise in February this year.

In August 2019, the Pakistan Army announced test-fired the Ghaznavi surface-to-surface ballistic missile from an undisclosed location.