Norwegian equipment supplier Oskar Pederson has secured a contract to deliver combat uniforms for four Nordic countries.

Under the contract, Oskar Pederson will supply the Nordic combat uniform system for Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

The move marks the first time that the four countries have agreed to a common procurement project, under Nordic defence cooperation Nordefco.

According to the Swedish Armed Forces statement, all four countries were seeking to acquire a modern, flexible uniform system suitable for adverse Nordic climatic conditions.

The outfit configurations are the same for all countries, but each country will have distinct camouflage patterns on the outer garments.

Separate configurations for jungle and desert conditions will also be made available.

Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) logistics materiel head Jennifer Skjäl Lundgren said: “The uniform system has a unisex design and functionality. Comprehensive user tests have been conducted to ensure maximum functionality for all users.”

The system was designed in a partnership with a core group of suppliers.  

Oskar Pederson is the supplier of the uniforms while Layers AS is serving as the project manager.

Siamidis is responsible for technical solutions and will also make the battle uniform, as well as garments for cold and rainy weather.

Aclima and Woolpower will deliver wool underwear while W L Gore & Associates is the technical supplier.

Earlier this year, the Swedish Armed Forces confirmed that it will increase military reinforcements across the country, following increased Russian activity. It aims to enhance the defence operational capabilities across various locations.