The US Government has called upon Turkey to withdraw unauthorised military forces from Iraq.

During a call with Iraq Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, US Vice-President Joe Biden reaffirmed ‘the US’ commitment to Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity, and called on Turkey to do the same by withdrawing any military forces from Iraqi territory that have not been authorised by the Iraqi government’.

Biden reiterated that ‘any foreign military presence in Iraq must be with the full consent of the Iraq government’.

Last week, hundreds of Turkish soldiers arrived at a base in northern Iraq to combat ISIS, which has been opposed by the Baghdad administration.

"Iraqi authorities call upon Turkey to withdraw immediately from Iraqi lands."

The move follows al-Abadi’s ultimatum to turn to the UN Security Council if Turkish forces were not withdrawn within 48 hours.

Abadi was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying: "This is considered as a grave violation to Iraq’s sovereignty and does not respect good neighbourly relations between Iraq and Turkey.

"Iraqi authorities call upon Turkey to withdraw immediately from Iraqi lands."

The Iraq government is under domestic pressure to resist the presence of foreign troops in the country.

Nations across the world have been extending support to combat ISIS after the recent terror attacks in Paris.

The US recently announced its decision to deploy a specialised expeditionary targeting force to combat ISIS in Iraq.

In a separate development, Italy Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has announced plans to send 450 soldiers to protect a dam near the city of Mosul.